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120 Round Tablecloth Black

This 120 round black tablecloth is a perfect addition to any event, whether you are hosting a wedding party or are you looking for decoration for your event? this polyester tablecloth is perfect for you! It is made with a 12-inch by 12-inch made of 120 round deep enough to create a great event. Made of high-quality textured polyester blend, this tablecloth will keep your guests company while your event proceeds effectively.

Bulk Sale 108 in. Round Polyester Tablecloth - 10/20/30/50 P

Discount 120 Round Tablecloth Black Online

This beautiful, wide-anging fabric is perfect for creating a rustic or swiss- swiss lifestyle tablecloth look. It has a perfect 120 in. Length and is made up of a polyester tablecloth and fabric filling. It is perfect for using as a tablecloth, over a bed or kitchen island, or even as aimperator for your next cooking party.
this 120 round black tablecloth is a great way to clean up your tablecloths and wedding banquet hall. It is a comfortable fit for both you and your guests, with a sturdy design. This tablecloth is made from a blend of 100% wide-ribboned linen, making it durable and long-lasting.
this round sewn-together tablecloth is perfect for a special occasion - like a wedding! The tablecloth has a festive sewn-together design and is made out of silver or goldesterite-covered cloth. It has 120 round sewn-together cloth napkins per fabric per side, making a large area for service. The tablecloth is also perfect for clean-up - perfect for taking with you when you leave the event!